Featured Artist

This week’s artist is Jeri Blackburn. Jeri has a number of mediums at JO, including hand-painted hummingbird feeders, hand-painted leather bags, hats, tiles, and more!

Jeri considers herself a jack of all trades, but master of none and she loves to repurpose everyday items into something with a similar, but “new” use.

“Retirement was the perfect opportunity for me to explore this interest and paint seemed the natural medium. My sister is the most natural partner for me and we continue to grow the business side of FUN from Utah and Alaska. I am so excited to find the Juniper Outpost opening in my hometown and I look forward to sharing my wares with you.”

Thanks, Jeri! We appreciate your work and are glad to have you here.

Keep an eye out for more Featured Artists in the near future and be sure to stop by this weekend and take a look. We have 35 local artists/makers with items for sale here.

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